Technology of prefabricated houses

Earlier in Western Europe, there was a widespread prejudice that the timber wooden houses have the shorter working life and are less stable in price than houses, built using traditional technologies. This opinion existed in Western Europe until the 1970s, and this prejudice was true.

But with the advent of new technologies for woodworking, new building materials, insulation materials, the technology of prefabricated houses has evolved in Germany, which is evolving to this day. The detailed studies, carried out in Germany in 2002 at Leipzig University, gave the following results.

Wooden prefabricated houses meet all requirements for the preservation of heat energy, humidity level, fire safety, and noise insulation and even surpass them. The technical life expectancy of wood as the load-bearing structure can reach several hundred years, and numerous historical buildings serve as evidences.

Not only a traditional family house can be built from prefabricated elements, but also office buildings, hotels, sports halls, kindergartens, schools, and many other social and commercial facilities. Up to date, in Western Europe, the share of commercial and social facilities amounts to 15 percents of the total volume of construction in the prefabricated technology, and it is growing substantially, more and more companies and organizations want to use the huge savings potential, in addition the client receives all commercial construction services under one roof, and receives one bill.


The construction of the house itself, or rather the production, takes place at the factory, regardless of the weather conditions, and at the construction site, the assembly of the house set is realized, that consists of external and internal wall panels, inter-floor slab panels and roof elements during 2-5 days depending on the complexity of the project.

Each prefabricated house is made with all due care and under quality control, windows and doors are already installed at the factory, the house elements are already equipped with heating, water supply, power-supply and sewage systems at the factory.

On this video you can see the production process of prefabricated houses of one of the leading manufacturers of Western Europe of the Austrian Group of Companies AO ELK-Fertighaus AG.



Components of your house consisting of external and internal wall panels, as well as inter-floor slab panels and roof elements, are delivered to the construction site on trucks, each element of the house is precisely and quickly installed on its place with the help of the truck crane, and the compact installation team.

On this video you can see the progress of the assembly of the house from the leading German company FingerHaus GmbH